A 25-minute advert from the Swedish furniture giant Ikea has gone viral for being filmed in an ASMR style.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a form of neural stimulation usually experienced through tingles and sensations in the head, neck and sometimes the rest of the body.

The sensations are felt by some people when they hear certain sounds, often whispers and other ambient tones.

It can be used to help people with anxiety or sleep-related problems, and the new ad from Ikea has caused a stir online.

Ikea's video describes the ad as a way of helping students choose items for their university rooms. The descriptions reads: "Long day of college? Relax with Ikea dorm solutions – or let IKEA dorm room solutions relax you in our new oddly satisfying ASMR video."

Throughout the advert, the narrator shows the viewers around the bedroom, softly speaking as she makes a bed, hangs her clothing and scratches a cupboard.

In one part of the film, she caresses her hands against a pink, dimpled cushion, squeezing it and rubbing it up and down.

All the while, a microphone picks up the sounds of the cushion as it is rubbed, the narrator gently says: "the zipper makes the cover easy to remove, and listen to that chenille fabric which feels so ultra-soft against your skin".

Ikea's external communications specialist Kerri Homsher explained the thought behind the "Oddly Ikea" campaign. She said: "We knew that ASMR videos are very popular, especially with young people, college students and Ikea co-workers.

"So, we put two and two together. Our products are designed to help people every day. Our dorm room solutions help students relax after a long day. So we thought of content that does the same."

The advert picked up mixed reaction online, with some ASMR fans celebrating the company's foray into the area while others were less keen.

Hermetic Kitten said: "This is so amazing, Ikea! Join the Whispering Family."

But Anthony Suarez disagreed, saying: "This was the most cringe video I've seen."

Another was put off by the voice, Steve B said: "What's the deal with the weird scratching and tapping on the bed....uuuhhhh and her voice."

But Bella D enjoyed the soft tones of the female voiceover, saying: "Her voice is so relaxing I really wanna see her make her own ASMR channel. "

While research into ASMR is limited, it is becoming a growing trend online, with thousands of YouTube channels dedicated to the cause and some videos gaining millions of hits.

The Ikea ads are part of a series that will be released until early September in time for the new term of college and university.