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A teenage boy was forced by two youths to strip to his underwear during a knifepoint robbery, it has emerged.

Details of the incident which occurred in December 2016 have just come to light as part of a hearing taking place at Gloucester Crown Court.

It was revealed that the 14-year-old boy was forced to strip off outdoors in the freezing cold before being robbed in the small town of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC heard that after the incident, the boy was helped by a nearby woman, Yvonne Lusardi, who contacted the police after finding out what had happened, Gloucestershire Live reported.

Speaking to police, the boy said that he had "walked about 50 metres before this woman found me. I was very cold. She put a jacket on me, and said 'I'm going to have to call the police'."

The hearing on Wednesday 11th October was to determine whether the two youths who had robbed the boy had used a weapon or not.

The teenage boys admitted to having performed the robbery but denied using a weapon.

But Judge Tabor said that he was "quite satisfied that a knife was produced and that this was a knifepoint robbery".

The pair will be sentenced on the 23 November where "custody was highly likely."

The attack took place at around 8.30pm on the 27 December 2016 when he had been walking home and approached by the two boys.

He was taken to an alleyway, placed into a headlock and attacked.

He was punched, stripped and kneed in the face before one of the youths said: "Take your clothes off now, or I'll slice you up. I was left wearing a pair of boxers, no socks, nothing. They took my phone and my clothes. I had a black eye and bruises to my face, and a cut to my lip."

The teenagers are on bail until the November sentencing.