Even with large parts of the new location of the "I'm A Celebrity" set lit up during filming, crew members have expressed their discomfort. After fans claimed to have spotted a shadow figure at one of the windows, the crew members reportedly stopped going near the area. Multiple reports of strange noises have started plaguing the production. There are reports that the production team is scared of shooting in the castle after dark. The castle is well known for paranormal activities which may soon be a spanner in the show's production.

"I'm A Celebrity" moved their location this year from Australia to Wales. Instead of the wilderness, the show is being shot at Gwrych Castle in Abergele. The shift in the location has not been smooth as there are reports that the castle is scaring the crew from working at night.

The sprawling Gothic castle, owned by the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, has large parts of it open for the shooting of the show. During the first episode on Sunday, November 15, hawk-eyed fans reportedly noticed a shadowy figure standing at one of the windows.

Gwrych Castle Ghost. pic.twitter.com/VTZZBKfTXR

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A source told The Sun that ever since the shadowy figure was spotted at the window, the area has been avoided by the staff. Continuing to talk about the difficulties of shooting at a haunted castle, the source said that even those who did not believe in the paranormal were uneasy. They said that most parts of the set were well lit up during shoots. However, even during filming, there are areas of the set which are dark. Staff members have complained that they have heard strange noises in secluded parts of the castle.

It is believed that the ghost of Winifred Bamford Hesketh, Countess of Dundonald, haunts the castle that she had inherited from her father in 1894. After her death in 1924 at the age of 64 from heart failure, the heiress' spirit is believed to be roaming her home.

Among the famous encounters with the spirit is that of Randolph Turpin. Britain's world boxing champion from the 1940s and '50s was using the property as a training ground. He reportedly saw a woman crying. When he approached her, she glared at him before vanishing.

No ghosts at Gwrych Castle? You must be joking! Footsteps from the countess’ corridor, voices in empty rooms. Something catches your eye then vanishes. Here’s an image capturing something from a few years ago.@GwrychTrust @imacelebrity @antanddec #paranormal #gwrychcastle pic.twitter.com/L4TkKzMiiP

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Mark Baker, chairman of the Gwrych Castle Preservation Trust, confirmed that the countess has been encountered by many visitors over the years.

gwrych castle
Gwrych Castle is said to be haunted. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a5/Gwrych_Castle_view_2.jpg