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Parents claim daughter killed herself after boyfriend posted "intimate pictures" on social media Reuters

An Indian girl has committed suicide after "intimate" pictures of her were allegedly posted on social media by her boyfriend.

The 16-year-old girl, known only as Rani, jumped from a bridge into the Sabarmati river, in Jamalpur, in the Indian state of Bihar.

The girl's father, Razzak Chhipa, told the Times of India that "Rani was driven to suicide as her boyfriend Farzan had betrayed her by posting her photos on a social website account which Rani and Farzan used to jointly operate."

The man said that following his daughter's death, he found a note with Rani's login details for various social networking website.

"I went to a cyber cafe and on opening the accounts found that Rani's intimate photos with Farzan had been posted there".

Rani's mother added that they found out that four days after the girl's death, the accounts were still being operated by Farzan.

Rani's older sister alleged that the boy was dating another girl and the couple consequently broke up.

"This break-up upset Rani," she said.

Chhipa said that authorities refused to take any action against Farzan.

"I then approached women police cell, cyber cell of city crime branch, but no one was ready to listen. I then sent my application by post to all of them including the city police commissioner's office."

Local police said they are investigating the case and awaiting for the result on Rani's cause of death. They also denied they were ever contacted by Rani's parents.