The Indian president and the Crown Prince and Princess of Sweden have escaped unharmed following a 15-car pile-up involving their motorcade in the Swedish town of Uppsala.

Pranab Mukherjee, Crown Princess Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel were travelling through the university city when they were involved in the crash that left a number of their entourage injured.

A spokeswoman for the Swedish royal court told IBTimes UK that 15 vehicles including cars in the motorcade were involved in the accident on 1 June. She explained members of the Swedish royal staff and Indian presidential staff were injured but the cars of the dignitaries themselves had not been involved.

In an official statement, a spokesman for Upsala University Hospital, where the injured individuals were received, said: "It was a traffic accident with a number of patients, all of whom sustained minor injuries."

The hospital declined to comment further on the incident.

Upsala police press officer Tommy Karlsson was quoted by Sweden's TT news agency as saying: "The president was not injured but I have no information on which people were."

English language Swedish news website reported four cars in the presidential convoy crashed as they approached a roundabout, injuring six peopl.

The Swedish royals and Mukherjee were on their way to Uppsala University where the Indian president was due to speak as a part of his first visit to Sweden.

The three dignitaries later continued their journey to the institution.