A well-known doctor from Bogota, Colombia was piloting an HK 2335-G aircraft when it faced difficulty and crashed. Emergency services arrived at the scene of the crash on Tuesday, October 13. They found the pilot, Fabio Grandas deceased. His wife, Mayerly Diaz Rojas, was also found dead. Another passenger, Nuris Maza, believed to be the couple's child's nanny had died as well. The only survivor in the crash was the couple's infant son Martin. The child was rushed to a hospital after being found. The crash is being investigated.

The couple had been flying from Santa Marta to Guaymaral airport. They were accompanied by the youngest of their three children and a nanny. The HK 2335-G aircraft that the experienced pilot was flying reportedly faced no difficulty until it neared the municipality of Ubaté. After declaring an emergency, the plane lost altitude and crashed in the Novilleros sector.

The 123-emergency line received a call about the crash around 5:15 pm local time. Ubaté firefighters responded to the call and reached the site of the crash. Emergency services started rescue efforts as soon as they arrived at the scene.

Working through the debris of the crash, the emergency workers were able to remove the bodies of the crash victim from the crushed remains of the small two-engine plane. While the adult occupants of the aircraft were deceased, the infant was found to be alive. The child was found safely cradled in the arms of his mother. He reportedly did not sustain any serious injuries. According to El Tiempo, the baby was first taken to a municipal hospital. After initial treatment, he was transferred to Marly Clinic in Chía.

The identity of the victims was revealed shortly after the incident. Grandas' demise was reportedly a "huge loss for medicine in Colombia." The doctor was a part of the Air Patrol team that conducted missions to remote areas of the country. The Air Patrol paid a heart-warming tribute to the 50-year-old doctor and the other two victims.

A team began their investigation on Tuesday. The reason behind the crash remains unknown. Further details will be announced by the Civil Aeronautics department.

Infant, cradled by mother's body, survives plane crash that kills parents and nanny. (representational image) Christopher Furlong/Getty Images