At least 59 people died in Las Vegas, with a further 500 injured, as a result of the deadliest mass shooting in US history on Sunday night (1 October). But amid the horror, stories of survival and silent heroes have come to light.

One such story has emerged around a concertgoer who was shot in the attack, which caused chaos along the Vegas Strip.

Addison Short was attending the music festival, which was set to conclude that evening, when the sound of gunfire rang out across the area.

Initially thinking it was fireworks, the music continued, until the crowd of 23,000 realised that the popping sounds were in fact from a gun.

Addison and a friend started to run to safety as bullets were aimed towards them from the 32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay Hotel.

As they were running, Short felt her knee buckle and realised that she had been shot.

"I just got shot, I can't run," she cried out.

She had been shot in the leg, with blood starting to seep from her wound. Couched on the ground she urged her friend to go on without her and get to shelter.

Speaking to CNN from her hospital bed, Addison spoke about how a good Samaritan came along, wrapped up her leg in a tourniquet and pulled her to safety.

He brought her to a taxi to get her straight to hospital in what Short described as the "scariest experience of my life".

Addison's mother, a police officer, has previously worked as law enforcement for the festival. Despite applying to work the shift that evening, she was turned down, for which Addison was thankful for.

Speaking directly to her unknown saviour, she said: "I just want to tell him how grateful I am for saving my life."

Stephen Paddock, 64, was responsible for the attack, the worst mass shooting in US history.

The motives of Paddock remain unknown, but when he was found dead in his hotel room, police found dozens of firearms.

Las Vegas Shooter Named As 64-Year-Old Steven Paddock