Innocence of Muslims protests
Innocence of Muslims protests in Dhaka - Reuters Reuters

The German far-right organisation Pro Deutschland has said it wants to screen Innocence of Muslims, the US-produced film that has provoked angry demonstrations worldwide.

According to the German weekly magazine Der Spiegel, the head of the group Manfred Rouhs said: "For us, it's a question of art and freedom of expression."

The film, which allegedly ridicules Islam, has provoked outrage among Muslims worldwide, and Pro Deutschland's announcement is set to anger them further.

The group has radical ideals and regularly protests against religious extremism.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich is determined that the film should not be shown.

"Such groups and organisations only want to provoke Germany's Muslims," said Friedrich, adding that he would use every legal measure to prevent the film from being screened.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel severely condemned the violent protests in the Middle East and also expressed concern that they might spread.

A few weeks ago, Pro Deutschland displayed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed outside mosques in Berlin.

It has been reported that the group's actions have played a part in provoking attacks on the German embassy in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. Both British and German embassies were stormed by around 5,000 angry Muslim protesters in Khartoum, even though the diplomatic offices have nothing to do with the film.