Dash Main Steps to kill the spam
E-mails are the most loved and most hated one today as it can save you time to the maximum and some just vanish like a object into black hole here are some of the main tips that will help you manage your e-mail productivity. Reuters

No one hesitates to call a spam a spam whenever an unsolicited or unwanted mail appears in the inbox. Most of them delete these mails without opening them and wonder how to stop such mails.

Spam filters appear useless when it comes to some kind of junk mails. Bacon or Bacn is a common junk mail that comes and sits happily in your inbox and takes the maximum space.

Here are some tips to keep them at bay.

1) Use unsubscribe button: It must be there in your relevant mail pages. So check for it and just activate it.

2) Don't reply: Some emails are alien to you and so never open them. Delete them. If you open them, it will affect your OS.

3) Organize your email: There should be separate folders for important mails and spam mails. Channelizing the spam mails to different folders can save much of your space and time.

4) Manage large files: While sending your photos and videos, rely on third party services like Relayit.net and Whalemail. You can send photos up to 100 MB in size like that. This will reduce the chances of the bouncing of the mails.

5) Mail security: Sign out of your mail before you leave the system.