iOS 8: How to Fix Bluetooth Connectivity Issues
iOS 8 Bugs Roundup: Top Reasons Why You Need to Downgrade

Apple iOS 8 has introduced numerous revolutionary features, including the modern Health and Fitness apps, alongside a bunch of untested bugs that seem to be drawing much flak from discerning iOS fans.

IBTimes UK explores the complete list of bugs unearthed in iOS 8, following the launch of Apple's latest software, to help users better understand the need to downgrade back to iOS 7.1.2.

Blue Screen of Death

The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) found on the Windows platform has now crept into Apple's newly released iOS 8 firmware, as you can see random OS crashes with blue screens popping out of nowhere, wherein the device's entire screen reportedly goes blue for a second before it springs back to life.

The BSOD issue seems to be prominent on iPads, as irked and disappointed users have taken to Twitter to complain about their plight with Apple's new iOS upgrade. Check out a few of those tweets below:

iOS 8 Bugs Roundup: Top Reasons Why You Need to Downgrade

Recovery Mode After Over-the-Air Update

Several iOS users are reportedly facing the wrath of auto-rebooting into recovery mode after updating to iOS 8, which has forced them to do a full restore via iTunes to exit the infinite loop.

iOS 8 Bugs Roundup: Top Reasons Why You Need to Downgrade

This has been a really troublesome issue for those who have no access to iTunes or iCloud backups.

Safari File Upload

The photo and video file uploading feature is apparently broken in iOS 8, as numerous user-complaints about Safari file-uploading issue make waves on the internet.

Here is what Uploadcare had to say about this incident:

"Users have noticed that after upgrading to iOS 8.0 they cannot upload files from Safari.

"Sad but true. The new iOS version has a bug that renders sending files by browsers impossible. When you choose a file in a form on HTML page and try to submit it, no file is sent in the request. The browser indicates that it's waiting for a response, but in fact the response never comes."


One of the major concerns bothering iOS 8 users has been a critical bug found in HealthKit framework that apparently breaks all HealthKit compatible apps.

This has apparently forced Apple to withdraw HealthKit compatible apps by instructing developers to take down all HealthKit apps for the final public release of iOS 8 until a bug-fix is found.

Here is what the iPhone maker had to say in a recent press statement regarding the HealthKit app issue:

"We discovered a bug that prevents us from making HealthKit apps available on iOS 8 today," explains Apple.

"We're working quickly to have the bug fixed in a software update and have HealthKit apps available by the end of the month."

With inherent bugs affecting the HealthKit framework that offers read and write capability for developers, it seems the HealthKit app development will be suspended until iOS 8.0.1 patch release comes out by the end of September.

Settings App Crash

Several iOS 8 users have been wary of the Spotlight search bug hidden inside the Settings app, which is notoriously known to crash the app while checking the search results or using the search interface.

Check out some angry iOS fan reactions via Twitter (below):

iOS 8 Bugs Roundup: Top Reasons Why You Need to Downgrade

Recent Photos/Camera Roll

A new breed of bug has surfaced through iOS 8's lack of Camera Roll feature, wherein a critical issue with organising photos under Moments and Recently Added section (includes those from past 30 days) has been discovered by folks at Dropbox's blog.

The bug gives birth to a new compatibility issue in iOS 8 with certain apps such as Dropbox and Carousel that prevents these apps from properly uploading your photos and videos into the online storage server.

Though Dropbox seems to have rolled out a bug-fix for this issue, many iOS 8 users are caught off guard due to lack of awareness about the patch.

Ghost Status Bar Bug

As if a lacklustre and buggy performance of Apple's new software is not enough, the Ghost Status Bar Bug is more worrisome.

Take a look at how the Ghost Status Bar bug disguises itself in the form of two status bars overlapping each other (below):

iOS 8 Bugs Roundup: Top Reasons Why You Need to Downgrade

Settings App Forgets Spotlight Preferences

Apparently, none of the iOS 8 Spotlight preferences or settings seem to be working right at the moment, as users are unable to enable Spotlight suggestions and Bing web results via Settings > General > Spotlight Search as the options seem inactive or disabled.

Going down one level to access Spotlight Search still shows that the options are disabled much to the distaste of already disgruntled iOS users.

A Bunch of Other Tricky Issues

Automatic VPN Bug: iPad users running iOS 8 would be startled to see VPN being enabled automatically without their consent or user input.

Keyboard Switching Bug: The default iOS 8 keyboard is affected with blank display bug while tapping on the globe icon with third-party keyboards installed, according to Reader Zach's comment on iPhone Hacks.

Extensions Bugs: To add to the ensuing chaos, the iOS 8 developer framework does not seem to let developers extend the functionality of the software with newly-crafted apps.

For instance, folks at Tumblr have been facing a bunch of troublesome bugs in the development of Tumblr Share Extension such as the inability to make background file uploads work within extensions, extensions showing mismatched status bar colour, and a buggy extension appearing within its own container app.

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