What Rumors Are True About the iPad 3?
Photo: Apple - iPad 3 rumours Photo: Apple - iPad 3 rumours

The latest speculations on iPad 3 invariably surround the much hyped retina display with a March 7 release date just around the corner.

MacRumours has apparently got its hands on an iPad 3 display part with due credit to the Chinese website - TrueSupplier. The website serves more than 65 per cent of the US mobile phone market besides software and consulting services.

MacRumours owner Arnold Kim suggests anyone could grab the popular tablet from the Chinese website without having to steal one. The leaked photos from MacRumours confirm an iPad 3 display measuring 9.7-inches with a whopping 2048x1356 resolution - double that of the iPad 2's screen (1024x768).

A microscope observation of the iPad 3 display has revealed an interesting titbit - the new generation iPad packs an amazing 16 pixels compared to iPad 2's measly 4 pixels, measured across one unit area.

What does this mean to the user? Expect a high resolution display accounting to 263.8ppi pixel density, which will result in super sharp images and vibrant colour reproduction. Though its pixel density is not as high as the iPhone 4/4S's 326ppi, it is fair enough to justify the Retina display tag.

The human naked eye can only perceive colour depth and pixel density only to a certain extent, which is precisely the resolution at which the iPad 3 display is crafted. So, expect eye-popping visuals and vibrant colours enticing you on the most-awaited gadget of the year.

Besides, a quad-core A6 processor onboard would undoubtedly boost the power of extra resolution with multimedia and gaming. We could only hope that the quad-core rumours turn true, if retina display is to make a real sense.

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