In the second of our weekly look at the rumours surrounding the iPhone 5, we look at the new 19-pin connector, a lack of LiquidMetal and a case of verbal diarrhoea from the head of iPhone 5-maker Foxconn.

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It hasn't been the busiest of weeks for iPhone 5 rumours, with rival with Microsoft hogging all the limelight with the launch of its iPad-rivalling Surface tablets as well as its next generation mobile phone OS, Windows Phone 8.

It was however interesting to compare some of the features which WP8 will support, considering iOS 6 was launched the previous week, bringing with it hints at what new features the new iPhone will bring.

However, despite it not being a bumper week for the iPhone 5 rumour mill, there has been a few quiet, but relatively important, leaks which, as always, we are on top of.

iPhone 5: 19-pin dock connector

A video posted online a few weeks ago showed what the presenter claimed was a leaked chassis of the new iPhone.

One of the more interesting aspects of the case was the port for the dock connector looks to have been shrunk down significantly. Now, further reports suggest Apple will indeed replace the 30-pin dock connector first introduced in third generation of iPods back in 2003.

iPhone 5 19-pin dock connector

Following on from the video, and a post on Mobilefun, TechCrunch reporter John Biggs claims to have had the details confirmed by three separate independent manufacturers.

The 19-pin port will obviously be smaller, and will be around the same size as the ThunderBolt ports currently to be seen on the MacBook Air and Pro laptops.

As we revealed here earlier this month, manufacturers of accessories for Apple's iPad and iPhone are kept in the dark as much as the public about Apple's plans, and will therefore be nervously awaiting the announcement later this year to see just what Apple has implemented.

iPhone 5: No Liquidmetal

One of the more persistent rumours surrounding the new iPhone is the use of a new Liquidmetal case of the phone.

Apple first licenced Liquidmetal technologies in 2010 and only this week it emerged that Apple has extended the deal to give it exclusive rights to any technology developed by Liquidmetal until February 2014.

iPhone 5 will have three features

Liquidmetal claims its technologies combine the properties of plastic with the ridigity of metals, giing a lightweight and pliable material which is still strong.

However, a report in the Christian Post suggests the new licensing agreement is simply a case of Apple looking to the future and securing rights to the technology now, does not mean we will see it in the iPhone 5.

While we can see the logic of this argument, we would still like to see Liquidmetal technology implemented in the design of the new iPhone.

iPhone 5: Puts Galaxy S3 "to shame"

Finally, we turn our attention to the free-speaking CEO of Hon Hai, parent company of the highly controversial Foxconn manufacturing plants.

Terry Gou (below) was speaking to the China Times newspaper when he said the iPhone 5 would put the Samsung Galaxy S3 to shame.

Terry Gou, Foxconn CEO

But the outspoken executive didn't stop there, urging customers to not buy the Galaxy S3, but to wait for the iPhone 5.

While this seems to prove that Foxconn is involved in the manufacturing of the new iPhone - well at least up to this statement being made - it also reveals a deep lying resentment towards Samsung by the Taiwanese-based Hon Hai company.

Gou, according to a translation by Patently Apple, said that Samsung was "a company with a track record of snitching on its competitors."

This relates to a court case where Samsung was supposed to have acted as an informer for the European Union against a group of Taiwanese companies.

"I respect the Japanese and especially like their execution and communication styles, unlike the Koreans, they will not hit you from behind," Gou added.

We can't imagine the comments about the iPhone 5 went down too well with Tim Cook and his comrades at Cupertino, especially since Cook recently said Apple was planning on "doubling down" on secrecy.

We guess Gou didn't get the memo.

Make sure to check back here next week for the latest iPhone 5 rumours.