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Kolkata Knight Riders win by 3 wickets with 3 balls to spare

19:06: That's it from us as of now. Thanls for joining our live coverage. KKR players and their fans will have a long night as the party has already started in Kolkata.

19:03: KKR win their second IPL title after winning it for the first time in 2012

Over 20: Kolkata Knight Riders 196 for 7: Awana's first ball goes for a dot as Narine is in strike. Bailey does a brilliat stop and goes and KKR take a single. Chawla is on strike and need four of four now. Chawla smashes one to the boundary and that's it. Chawla is the star for KKR as theyw in the IPL 2014

KKR Need 5 runs to win the IPL 2014.

Over 19: Kolkata Knight Riders 195 for 7: Three runs and a wicket of the first three balls. Narine is on strike and he misses the stump by a whisker. He gets a yorker and results in a single. Chawla finishes the over with a six and that gets KKR closer to winning the title.

WICKET...!!! S Yadav 5 c Vohra b Johnson

KKR Need 15 of 12 balls to win the IPL 2014

Over 18: Kolkata Knight Riders 185 for 6: Patel to bowl his last over and has been impressive so far with the ball. There was a stumping chance and the umpire has called it a wide. Tough call though. Just three runs of the first two deliveries.

Four of the first three and the excitment lebel has now just intensified. Finsihes the over with a single and six out of it.

Over 17: Kolkata Knight Riders 179 for 6: Karanveer comes to bowl his last over and Pandey sends one into the stands. The required rate has now come down. Ten Doeschate hits it too high and finds Miller. Pandey gets the striker and he scores his second six of the over, followed by another boundary to behind square.

WICKET...!!! Pandey 94 c Bailey b Karanveer

WICKET...!!! Ten Doeschate 4 c Miller b Karanveer

Over 16: Kolkata Knight Riders 161 for 4: Miller dives forward to stop the ball from going for a boundary. But fails to save the ball touching the boundary rope. Shakib is sent back as Bailey's direct hit ends the left-handed batsmen's innings. Ten Doeschate finishes the over with a four.

WICKET...!!! Shakib 12 run out Bailey

KKR need 49 runs from 5 overs, with 7 wickets remaining in hand.

Over 15:Kolkata Knight Riders 151 for 3: Johnson is brought back into the attack. Shakib is capable of changing the course of the game and with Pandey in fine form, KKR still in the race to win the final. He pulls one to square leg, before Patel saves two runs for his side. He sends the ball once again to square leg and this time, Shakib nudges the ball and gets a couple.

An excellent yorker from Johnson, which results in a rare dot ball. A cheeky shot from Shakib and sends one to fine-leg for four.

Over 14: Kolkata Knight Riders 142 for 3: Pandey pulls one to mid-on and Maxwell's manages to keep the KKR batsmen for a single. Pathan tries to smash one into the stands, only to find Maxwell just close to the boundary line. Shakib joins in the middle and Pandey sends the immediate ball for maximum.

Pandey pulls it in the gap and adds another four runs to his personal tally. He then finishes the over with a single. 14 runs and a wicket of the over.

WICKET...!!! Pathan 36 c Maxwell b Karanveer

KKR Need 72 runs from 42 balls, with 8 wickets remaining

Over 13: Kolkata Knight Riders 128 for 2: Pathan takes a couple of Balaji's first ball and sends the next one to the stands for six. The third ball goes for the second couple of the over. Pathan tried to sweep to leg-side, but gets a single. Pathan finishes the over in style with another six. 18 of the over.

Over 12: Kolkata Knight Riders 110 for 2: Pathan takes a single of the third ball after failing to find his way of Patel's first two deliveries. Pandey then chips in and Bailey's brilliant attempt was not sufficient to keep hold of the ball. It would have been a brilliant catch if it was taken, even after second or third attempt.

Three of the over and that's five from Patel's first two overs.

Over 11: Kolkata Knight Riders 107 for 2: Awana's first two deliveries have gone for 10 runs, with Pandey sending the ball to the stands of his second ball. He then tries to smash one, this time only to be stopped by the bowler.

Awana makes a good comeback and bowls into the blockhole, Pandey takes a single. Pathan then gives the strike back to Pandey, who finishes the over in style with a six to mid-on.

Over 10: Kolkata Knight Riders 89 for 2: Akshar Patel has been introduced into the attack by Bailey and the tall spinner just gives two runs from his first over.

Over 9: Kolkata Knight Riders 87 for 2: Pandey takes a single of Karanveer's first ball. Pathan smashes one to the stands before covering the mid-off fielder for a maximum. Two back-to-back sixes for Pathan. Single from Pathan and Pandey ends the over with two dot balls.

Over 8: Kolkata Knight Riders 73 for 2: Pathan takes a single of Balaji's second ball, giving the strike to Pandey. He smashes one for four over to mid-wicket. A dot ball to finish the ove. Six of the over.

Over 7: Kolkata Knight Riders 67 for 2: Gambhir mistimes Karanveer's first ball and gives a catch to Miller on long-on. The immediate next ball was sent to the stands by Pandey, who has no impact on his skipper's departure. Yusuf Pathan is in the middle now. He ends the over with a single and that calls for Stratergic Timeout.

WICKET...!!! Gambhir 23 c Miller b Karanveer

Over 6: Kolkata Knight Riders 57 for 1: Pandey takes a quick single and Johnson targets the stumps at the striker's end. Gambhir reaches comfotable, but the ball hits the stumps and goes past the keeper for four. 10 of the over from Pandey's double from the last ball.

Over 5: Kolkata Knight Riders 47 for 1: Pandey smashes one past behind Balaji for four as he does not bother to move from the crease. No runs off the next two balls before Pandey takes a quick single. Gambhir then takes another single and gives the strike to in-form Pandey, who picks single of the last ball.

Over 4: Kolkata Knight Riders 40 for 1: A leading top edge of Gambhir's bat fall in between the two fielders as KKR skipper is safe. Pandey, on the other end chips one to mid-on for four. He walks down the ground as he looks for another boundary, only to find a fielder and gets a couple. Takes a single of the last ball.

Over 3: Kolkata Knight Riders 31 for 1: Johnson starts his second over with a wide. Gambhir gets the best of Johnson and smashes another boundary through point, which is then followed by another wide. Two singles from the next two deliveries. Too full from Johnson and Gambhir carved it for four. 12 of it.

Over 2: Kolkata Knight Riders 19 for 1: Balaji is back into the playing XI as Gambhir sents his first ball for four. The KKR skipper did not time it well this time and sends the ball in between two fielders in point and gets a couple. Three singles as nine of the over.

Over 1: Kolkata Knight Riders 10 for 1: Uthappa's beatufil cover drive of the first ball opens KKR's account with a boundary. He then takes a quick single, with Gambhir taking the strike.

This year's orange cap holder Uthappa could not give Kolkata the start they needed as a brilliant catch by Askhar Patel sends him back to the pavilion. Manish Pandey replaces him and just nudges one to four of his first ball. 10 runs and a wicket.

WICKET...!!! Uthappa 5 c Patel b Johnson

17:18: Mitchell Johnson will open Kings XI's bowling attack.

17:16: Gambhir and Uthappa will open KKR's innings as they look to win the second IPL title.

17:02: Kolkata Knight Riders need 200 runs to win the IPL 2014.

Over 20: Kings XI Punjab 199 for 4: Saha sweeps one behind for four, followed by another boundary over the mid-off fielder. He then takes a double. Saha takes a single, while Miller takes a single to finish of Kings XI's innings.

Saha is the star man for Kings XI Punjab as he remains unbeaten at 115.

Over 19: Kings XI Punjab 187 for 4: Narine's first two balls go for nothing. Saha smashes one for six and then for a four. He later pulls one to mid-on, only for the fielder to push the ball for six. Saha goes past 100. Leg bye to finsih of the over.

Over 18: Kings XI Punjab 170 for 4: Vohra gives away his wicket at the end and he's been replaced by Maxwell. Saha smashes one down the ground for a bounday and the umpire, quickly had to make room. Saha punches one for another boundary, his second of the over. Maxwell becomes the latest victim as he fails to open the account.

WICKET...!!! Maxwell 0 c Morkel b Chawla

WICKET...!!! Vohra 67 c&b Chawla

Over 17: Kings XI Punjab 159 for 2: Saha places the ball between the two fielders, between point and short third-man for a boundary. A great short from Saha as be manages to beat the fielder through covers for four. Two fours already from Yadav's over.

A wide and a bye, 10 already of the first three balls. Saha finishes the over in style with a six past Yadav. 19 of the over.

Over 16: Kings XI Punjab 140 for 2:Saha smashes one high in the air and Narine runs backwards, only to drop it at the end. Vohra misses the ball as he was miles out of the crease. Uthappa takes off the bails, but was ruled out later as the keeper collected the ball in front of the stumps.

Vohra has asked to comeback and it's a no ball now. It's not a free-hit though. He smahes one to mid-on for four. Two life for two batsmen in the middle. Single to finish the over and nine of it.

Over 15: Kings Xi Punjab 131 for 2: Morkel has come to final over and Vohra makes no mistake to hook for a six. He then smashes one for four over point. He goes once again in the same area and the ball falls just short of third-man, Shakib as Vohra takes a single.

Saha pulls one over the fine-leg for a six and Morkel is taking the bashing today from Vohra and Saha. Finishes the over with a double. 20 of it.

Over 14: Kings XI Punjab 111 for 2: Gambhir brings Narine into the attack and Saha takes on the West Indies spinner for a six over the mid-wicket. He sweeps another one for four as Morkel in fine-leg could do nothing much.

Saha then tries to pull one over mid-wicket, this time only to take an inside edge and go in between the keeper's leg for another boundary. Vohra joins the party and he finishes the over by punhcing one to the mid-wicket. 19 of it. That calls for the second Stratergic Timeout of the innings.

Over 13: Kings XI Punjab 92 for 2: Shakib's final over and has been economical so far. Two singles from the first two deliveries. Nudges one to mid-on for another single. Saha tries to goes for the maximu, but just manages to past the fielder over the cover.

Vohra beats the fielder, who was in fine-leg as the ball races to the boundary. 10 of the over.

Over 12: Kings XI Punjab 82 for 2: Vohra takes a couple and then followed by a single. Saha then smashes one for a six of Chawla's delivery, who has been expensive today for KKR. He charges down the ground and same result once again. Finishes the over with a dot.

Over 11: Kings Punjab 67 for 2: Vohra had a close call as he looks to sweep for Shakib's delivery. He was lucky enough to drag his foot in time before Uthappa takes off the bails. He takes a single gives the strike to Saha, who smashes one to mi-wicket for a six. Nine from the over.

Over 10: Kings XI Punjab 58 for 2: Vohra tries to walk and smash one above Chawla. However, the right-handed opener could not connect it and just gets a single. Saha then takes a quick single as Vohra was comfortably home. Four of it.

The run-rate has dropped below six and we are half way through Kings XI's innngs.

Over 9: Kings XI Punjab 54 for 2: Two runs from the first three balls of Shakib. Four singles of the over and we have Stratergic Timeout.

Over 8: Kings XI Punjab 50 for 2: Saha places in between the two fielders, mid-on and deep mid-wicket for a couple. Then he sweeps behind square for four. This time Vohra gets the maximum. The first six of the innings as he smashes one above the mid-wicket. Single to finish of the over. 14 of it.

Over 7: Kings XI Punjab 36 for 2: Shakib starts on a pitch where the ball has started to grip the surface, Saha still stuck onto the singles and Shakib finishes it with another dot.

Over 6: Kings XI Punjab 32 for 2: A Wicket followed by two dots and some sensible running by Saha. Narine finishes the over with a beauty, Saha couldnt pick up the Carrom Ball, castled and the third umpire is called for a stumping, however the foot is firmly planted on the crease.

Lowest score by the Kings X1 Punjab in IPL 2014

WICKET...!!! Bailey 1 b Narine

Over 5: Kings XI Punjab 30 for 1: Two singles from the first two balls. Vohra takes the aerial route in the next two deliveries. The first one over themid-off fielder, the next over the mid-wicket. Gets two runs on both occasions. Six of it.

Over 5: Kings XI Punjab 30 for Two singles from the first two balls. Vohra takes the aerial route in the next two deliveries. The first one over themid-off fielder, the next over the mid-wicket. Gets two runs on both occasions. Six of it.

Over 4: Kings XI Punjab 24 for 1: Skipper Bailey replaces Sehwag after the right-handed opener was caught by Gambhir in mid-off. Three runs and a wicket from Yadav's over.

WICKET...!!! Sehwag 7 c Gambhir b Yadav

Over 3: Kings XI Punjab 21 for 0: Vohra uses Morkel's pace and punches one towards the mid-wicket. He is in good form so far. The bowler and keeper are appealing for a caught behind, the umpire doesn't seem to be interested in KKR's appeal.

Vohra once again takes on Morekl, this time to the square-leg. Luckily for KKR, Shakib is their near the boundary line. Again six runs from the over.

Over 2: Kings XI Punjab 15 for 0: Umesh Yadav starts with three dot balls, troubling Qualifier 2's match winner Sehwag. No first slip and the Morkel, who was in the third-man dives forward to save three runs for his side.

Sehwag finishes the over by smashing one past Yadav for four. It's his first boundary of the game. Six from it.

Over 1: Kings XI Punjab 9 for 0: Sehwag opens the account for KXIP by taking a quick single of the first ball. Vohra takes a double in the next ball and nudges one past the first slip for a boundary.

Vohra smashes to the third-man, before Umesh Yadav stops the ball going past the rope. He adds two more runs to his personal tally.

15:30: Morne Morkel has been handed the bowl and the right-arm pacer will start the attack for KKR.

15:26 Kumar Dharmasena and Bruce Oxenford will be the two on-field umpires for the IPL 2014 final.

15:20: The game will start in 10 minutes as Kings XI's Virender Sehwag and Manan Vohra will walk in the middle to open the 2014 table toppers' innings.


Kings XI Punjab: Virender Sehwag, Manan Vohra, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller, George Bailey (C), Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Akshar Patel, Mitchell Johnson, Lakshmipathy Balaji, Karanveer Singh, Parvinder Awana

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (c), Robin Uthappa (wk), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Ryan ten Doeschate, Yusuf Pathan, Suryakumar Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav, Sunil Narine

15:06: KKR are unchanged side for the final. Kings XI has one change, Lakshmipathy Balaji replaces Sandeep Sharma.

15:04: TOSS...!!! Kolkata Knight Riders win the toss and Gautam Gambhir decide to bowl first.

14:58: KKR are unbeaten in their last eight games played in the 2014 IPL. Kings XI lost two of their last five matches.

14:54: It is Kings XI's first IPL final, while KKR have made it to the final in 2102. The Knight Riders defeated Chennai Super Kings to win their first silverware.

14:53: KKR's skipper Gautam Gambhir - "We rate the Kings XI as a very dangerous and quality side and we have to play well in all the three departments to beat a side like them. We need to do our things really well rather than thinking about the weakness of the opposition."

14:52: We are eight minutes away from toss.

14:49: Kings XI's David Miller - We have a point to prove, we have gelled so well as a team. Just one more game, we want to stick to basics.

14:41: KKR defeated Kingx XI in Qualifier 1 to reach the final of 2014 IPL, while Punjab made it through a long route of making it Qualifier 2, where they defeated two-time IPL winners Chennai Super Kings.

14:34: Click Here to Read the Preview of the game between Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders. Also get to know the Live Streaming information.

14:32: Mitchell Johnson: "It's amazing. It seems I have got my timing joining the IPL right! This is the same as last year, for a different team. Hopefully, my team can once again get over the line this time."

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