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Gautham Gambhir
KKR captain Gautham Gambhir with Yusuf Pathan Getty

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Over 14.1: Kolkata Knight Riders 99/1; Gautam Gambhir 38 (41), Manish Pandey 15 (12)

A comprehensive win for Kolkata at the Eden Gardens. outplayed Delhi in all departments.

Over 14: Kolkata Knight Riders 97/1; Gautam Gambhir 37 (40), Manish Pandey 15 (12)

What an over for Kolkata. Three fours and it is all but over.

Over 13: Kolkata Knight Riders 84/1; Gautam Gambhir 32 (36), Manish Pandey 7 (10)

Kolkata are slowly but surely getting over the line on this, Only two runs from the over.

Over 12: Kolkata Knight Riders 82/1; Gautam Gambhir 31 (35), Manish Pandey 6 (5)

Six runs from the over. 17 required from 48 balls for Kolkata to snatch a win.

Over 11: Kolkata Knight Riders 76/1; Gautam Gambhir 26 (30), Manish Pandey 5 (4)

Seven runs from the over. 23 required from 54 balls for Kolkata to snatch a win.

Over 10: Kolkata Knight Riders 69/1; Gautam Gambhir 24 (26), Manish Pandey 0 (2)

Finally a wicket for Delhi. But is it too little too late? Seven runs from the over.

WICKET!!!! Robin Uthappa c Morris b Mishra 35

Over 9: Kolkata Knight Riders 62/0; Gautam Gambhir 23 (25), Robin Uthappa 34 (30)

Nine runs of the ninth over. Kolkaata need just 37 runs from the next 11 overs.

Over 8: Kolkata Knight Riders 53/0; Gautam Gambhir 18 (21), Robin Uthappa 33 (27)

Four runs from the over by Amit Mishra. Kolkata can afford to keep it simple here.

Over 7: Kolkata Knight Riders 49/0; Gautam Gambhir 16 (19), Robin Uthappa 31 (23)

Only two runs from the over by Brathwaite.

Over 6: Kolkata Knight Riders 47/0; Gautam Gambhir 15 (14), Robin Uthappa 30 (20)

Five runs from a relatively tidy over by Morris.

Over 5: Kolkata Knight Riders 42/0; Gautam Gambhir 14 (12), Robin Uthappa 26(18)

What could have been a good over for Delhi was done for by yet another boundary by uthappa on the last ball. Six runs of it.

Over 4: Kolkata Knight Riders 36/0; Gautam Gambhir 13 (9), Robin Uthappa 21 (15)

Another over without a wicket for Delhi. Seven of the over for KKR>

Over 3: Kolkata Knight Riders 29/0; Gautam Gambhir 12 (8), Robin Uthappa 16 (10)

Kolkata are flying here. No wickets yet and nine runs of the over after two consecutive fours by Uthappa.

Over 2: Kolkata Knight Riders 20/0; Gautam Gambhir 11 (5), Robin Uthappa 8 (7)

Zaheer Khan's return to competitive cricket hasnt been the best. Three fours from the over and 14 from it.

Over 1: Kolkata Knight Riders 4/0; Gautam Gambhir 0 (0), Robin Uthappa 4 (6)

Uthappa and Gambhir in the middle. nathan Counter=Nile has bowled a brilliant over first-up. Uthappa hits a four on the last ball but five dots on the offing makes for good reading.

Over 17.4: Delhi Daredevils 98/10 , Zaheer Khan 4 (8) Nathan Coulter-Nile 7 (11)

Well. Thats all over for Delhi. Meet you at the other side of the break. KKR need 99 runs to win the game.

WICKET!! Z Khan c Pandey b Hastings 4

Over 17: Delhi Daredevils 93/9 , Zaheer Khan 0 (6) Nathan Coulter-Nile 6 (10)

One run from the over.

Over 16: Delhi Daredevils 92/9 , Zaheer Khan 0 (2) Nathan Coulter-Nile 5 (8)

A wicket maiden for Hogg. Brilliant over yet again.

WICKET!!! Amit Mishra c Gambhir b Hogg 3

Over 15: Delhi Daredevils 92/8 , Amit Mishra 3 (5), Nathan Coulter-Nile 5 (7)

Three runs from the over by Chawla

Over 14: Delhi Daredevils 89/8 , Amit Mishra 1 (2), Nathan Coulter-Nile 4 (5)

Five runs and a wicket from the over by Hogg.

WICKET!!! Sanju Samson st Uthappa b Hogg 15

Over 13: Delhi Daredevils 84/7 , Sanju Samson 15 (12), Nathan Coulter-Nile 0 (2)

Four runs and a wicket from the over

WICKET!!! CH Morris b Chawla 11

Over 12: Delhi Daredevils 80/6 , Sanju Samson 15 (12), Chris Morris 7 (5)

FOUR! of the first ball by Morris and KKR give them another gift by bowling five wides on the last ball. Suicide by the Knight Riders here. 12 of the over.

Over 11: Delhi Daredevils 68/6 , Sanju Samson 14 (10), Chris Morris 1 (1)

A brilliant start to the over with five wides and a six by Brathwaite ends with another wicket for Chawla. Kolkata are strolling it. 13 runs of the over.

WICKET!! CR Brathwaite lbw b Chawla 6

Over 10: Delhi Daredevils 55/5 , Sanju Samson 13 (9),

A wicket and only two runs of the over by Brad Hogg. Kolkata in the drivers seat.

WICKET!! P Negi st Uthappa b Hogg 11

Over 9: Delhi Daredevils 53/4 , Sanju Samson 12 (7), Pawan Negi 10 (15)

An innocous over. Only four coming from it

Over 8: Delhi Daredevils 49/4 , Sanju Samson 11 (6), Pawan Negi 7 (10)

A brilliant SIX!! by Negi is the highlight of the over. Seven from it.

Over 7: Delhi Daredevils 42/4 , Sanju Samson 10 (5), Pawan Negi 1 (5)

Samson edges the first ball past thirdman for FOUR!! Three singles next. Seven from the over.

Over 6: Delhi Daredevils 35/4 , Sanju Samson 4 (1), Pawan Negi 0 (3)

A wicket maiden for Hastings who has been brilliant.

WICKET!! KK Nair c Pandey b Hastings 3

Over 5: Delhi Daredevils 35/3 , Sanju Samson 4 (1), Karun Nair 3 (5)

Sanju Samson is in the crease and hits his first ball for a FOUR!! Nine runs of the over.

WICKET!!! Mayank Agarwal c Hogg b Russell 9

Over 4: Delhi Daredevils 26/2 , Mayank Agarwal 8 (9), Karun Nair 0 (2)

John Hastings is in attack to replace Umesh Yadav who was spanked for 10 in his first over. Four dots and only a single from the first five balls. Another dot to end the over.

Over 3: Delhi Daredevils 25/2 , Mayank Agarwal 7 (8), Karun Nair 0 (0)

Two WICKET!!s from the over. KKR are back in the game. Quinton Kock goes for one shot too many and is held by Pathan at mid-off while Iyer is caught plumb in front by Russell, who had a brilliant second over.

WICKET!! SS Iyer lbw b Russell 0

WICKET!!! Kock c Pathan b Russell 17

Over 2: Delhi Daredevils 23/0 , Mayank Agarwal 5 (3), Quinton de Kock 17 (9)

Umesh Yadav in the attack. Three dot balls to start the over. De Kock gets his bearing right and hits the fourth ball for a FOUR!! Followa that up with a SIX!!!! What an over for Delhi. The last ball is a dot ball.

Over 1: Delhi Daredevils 13/0 , Mayank Agarwal 5 (3), Quinton de Kock 7 (3)

Mayank starts with a FOUR!! on the first ball. de Kock, not to be left behind, ends the over with a five, with Manish pandey's attempt to throw the stumps over ending in four overthorws apart from the run.

De Kock and Mayank Agarwal will open the innings for DD. Russel will start proceedings with the ball for Kolkata.


The pitch should help the seamers and both teams have gone for a very pace heavy attack. Live action starts in 15 minutes.

TOSS!!! Gautam Gambhir wins the toss, Kolkata Knight Riders opt to field.


Kolkata Knight Riders: Gambhir, Uthappa, Pandey, Munro, Suryakumar Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Russell, Chawla, Hastings, Hogg, Umesh

Delhi Daredevils: Agarwal, Iyer, De Kock (wk), Nair, Samson, Brathwaite, Negi, Morris, Mishra, Zaheer, Coulter-Nile.

Welcome to IBTimes UK's live blog for the first match of the IPL 2016 as Kolkata Knight Riders take on the Delhi Daredevils. We will bring the pre-match news, pitch report and also the toss. We are set to start at 2:30pm BST/8pm IST.