John Kerry
US Secretary of State John Kerry negotiated with Iran as the countries worked to reach a nuclear deal POOL New/Reuters

The deadline on a decision for a provisional nuclear deal between Iran and the US has been extended to 7 July to allow for more talks, it was announced.

"I am here to get a final deal and I think we can," Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told US Secretary of State John Kerry early in negotiations in Vienna on 30 June. But by the end of the day, it appeared more details need to be hammered out.

The deal would see the US lift economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for access to nuclear sites and monitoring to ensure the country is not building nuclear weapons.

The talks were supposed to end on 30 June but earlier in the month, there were already signs the deadline would be moved forward when a White House spokesman told Reuters the deadline would likely come and go and the talks would continue.

The US says both sides have agreed on a system that would frame UN access to inspect Iran's nuclear sites.

Kerry has attended the most recent round of talks walking on crutches after he broke his leg in a cycling accident in France following the last round of talks with Iran's foreign minister in May.