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The terror group's militants prepare to throw a man off the roof of a building as punishment for homosexuality. IS

The Islamic State [IS] group has released photographs that allegedly show the final moments before a man is thrown from the roof of a building in the Iraqi city of Mosul as punishment for being gay.

The photos were uploaded to by jihadists and circulated on social media sites by IS-affiliated accounts.

The photo shows a man about to be pushed to his death by two IS militants and another shows that a large crowd had gathered to watch below.

Some of the photos cannot be published because of their graphic nature, with one showing the man's body on the ground after being thrown from the top of the building in Mosul.

Isis thrown 'gay man' off building
In a similar execution in December 2013, an alleged gay man falls from a building, after being pushed by suspected members of terror group Islamic State (Isis) Youtube screenshot

Other photographs show a jihadist in a black balaclava reading the man's sentence after a Sharia court had given its verdict.

A caption on another photo, which shows the victim being held by his executioner, reads that the man is being punished with "Hadd", which is determined in the Koran.

The caption continues to read that the man had committed a crime of the "people of Lot", which means that he is alleged to have committed sodomy and must be "thrown from a high place" as punishment.

Last November, the group stoned two men to death in the Syrian city of Raqqa after alleging that they were homosexuals.

It was the first such execution IS had conducted against individuals for their sexuality, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

In another incident last December, jihadists threw a gay man off of a rooftop and then stoned him to death for the crime of blasphemy as ordered by their own Islamic court.