The government of Iraq has announced three days of national mourning following the deadly car bombings in Central Baghdad on 3 July that killed 130 people and wounded around 160.

A lorry packed with explosives went off in Karrada district, near a shopping area that was populated with families and young people who were out after sunset.

The Sunni terrorist group Islamic State (Isis) claimed responsibility for the bombings in an online statement saying that they targeted Shia neighbourhoods.

Several victims of the bombing were children and women inside the multistorey shopping centre. Police officials said many suffocated and burnt to death. It was feared that the death toll could rise as many bodies remained buried under the rubble of the buildings.

Several shops and buildings nearby were badly damaged and many trapped in the buildings were rescued by firefighters. Funeral processions took place throughout Sunday for the victims.

In a video posted on Twitter, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was jeered at and asked to go back by an angry crowd at the scene of the carnage.

According to reports, many Iraqi people blame the government for security lapses in the capital city that allowed for huge amounts of explosives to make their way through check points and into neighbourhoods packed with civilians.

The UN envoy for Iraq, Jon Kubis said it was a revenge attack by IS (Daesh) for the losses they faced on the battlefield.

He said, "This is a cowardly and heinous act of unparalleled proportions, to target peaceful civilians in the closing days of the holy month of Ramadan."

Another bomb exploded in al-Shaab district in eastern Baghdad, killing at least five people. Reports were conflicting with some saying that it was a bomb explosion while the interior ministry said it was caused by an accidental fire.

People gather at the site of a suicide car bomb in the Karrada shopping area in Baghdad
People gather at the site of a suicide car bomb in the Karrada shopping area in Baghdad where scores of people were killed Reuters