Mosul Church
Empress Eugenie's Clock Church in Mosul, northern Iraq, which has reportedly been destroyed by Isis Wiki Commons

Militants from Isis blew up one of the final remaining churches in their stronghold of Mosul in Iraq, Empress Eugenie's Clock Church on Monday 25 April.

One of the Mosul's best known remaining churches, the Clock Church was named after its tower and funded by Empress Eugenie of France who was the wife of the last French Emperor Napoleon III.

In one of their latest propaganda videos Daesh (Isis) filmed themselves destroying churches while beheading people and throwing people they accused of being homosexual off rooftops. The video titled "The Voice of Virtue in Deterring Hell," shows the infamous religious police of Isis implementing their strict version of Sharia law in Iraq and Syria.

When Mosul, which is in Nineveh Province, fell to the jihadists in June 2014, they destroyed historic sites including Christian and Muslim shrines as well as places of worship. Isis have not confirmed the destruction of the church and there is no indication as to why it might happen now.

It was damaged by a bomb in 2006 and according to historians, the Clock Church gave its name to the neighbourhood it sat in, al-Saa. The funds for the tower were given by the Empress Eugenie in 1870 to the Dominican friars' after they attempted to end typhoid in Mosul.

Mosul sits in a region with many different ethnic groups and religious minorities. In 2003 it had more than 40 churches and monasteries at the time of the Allied forces' invasion. Isis are coming under pressure on the outskirts of the city with Kurdish forces and Iraqi government and Shia militia forces planning to launch an attack with SAS soldiers leading the assault.

The US military recently sent B52 bombers to Qatar to prepare for aerial attacks on the terrorists' position in the city. Meanwhile, US president Barack Obama said in April that he believes that IS's second city will fall before the end of 2016.