isis miliitant
An Isis militant

Islamic State has executed more than 3,000 people, among them civilians and children, in Syria during the first year of its self-proclaimed Caliphate, activists said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had documented 3,027 executions by the jihadist group since 29 June, 2014.

More than half of those killed are non-combatants, with 1,787 civilians, including 74 children among the dead.

Of the civilians killed, 930 were members of the Sunni Shaitat tribe, which was involved in an uprising against Isis last year.

Included in the figure are 223 Kurds, killed in the border town of Kobane last week in a raid by Isis militants who were driven out on Saturday 27 June.

Isis executed 216 captured Kurdish militia and members of rival rebel factions in the Syrian civil war, and 900 Syrian regime fighters.

It has also executed 143 Isis members, which it accused of crimes including spying, many of whom were caught attempting to desert from the group.

In its propaganda, the group has published photographs of executions, including gay men being thrown from buildings, and women accused of adultery being stoned to death.

Recently the US claimed that 10,000 militants had been killed in coalition air strikes against Isis, while the Observatory put the number of militants killed at 800.