Islamic State (Isis) has reportedly abducted a North Korean couple in Libya during a militant raid.

The couple, a North Korean doctor and his wife, were kidnapped in Al-Noufleya, eastern Sirte, while they were returning from a hospital.

The 66-year old husband was said to be working with the Jalu Hospital in Tripoli, according to local media outlet Libya Observer. He is thought to have been working at the medical facility for several years.

The driver of the doctor's car, who was also kidnapped during the raid, was released, but the couple were taken hostage. Local reports suggest the North Korean embassy is making efforts to release the duo.

Up to 400 North Koreans are in Libya as part of Pyongyang's policy of sending workers abroad in order earn money for the regime.

It is also unclear whether the latest kidnapping has any connection with the South Korean embassy attack in April. Gunmen stormed South Korea's diplomatic mission in the Libyan capital, killing at least two security guards.