Sajida al-Rishawi
Isis Japanese Hostage: Jordanian prisoner Sajida al-Rishawi is reportedly being moved amid tight security for possible prisoner swap with IS Reuters

Former al-Qaeda militant and would-be suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi is reportedly being transferred from her prison in Jordan amid tight security as speculation over a possible prisoner exchange deal with Islamic State (Isis) strengthens.

Local reports from Jordan suggest al-Rishawi, who IS has demanded be released in exchange for Japanese hostage Kenji Goto and a Jordanian pilot, is being secretly moved from her prison.

Al-Rishawi, 44, was imprisoned Jordan after attempting to detonate an explosives belt as part of the devastating 2005 hotel bombings in the capital city of Amman.

Unverified social media messages also speculate that she will be moved to another prison before being handed over to the IS militants. Officials are yet to comment on the matter.

Japan has been working with Jordan for the past several days to free veteran war reporter Goto. The development comes after IS insurgents intensified their demand, warning Japan that they will execute Goto and the pilot within 24 hours if the country does not agree to release al-Rishawi.

Earlier, Japan said authorities are making all-out efforts to free Goto.