The Jordanian military has confirmed one of its pilots has been captured by Isis militants after a warplane crashed near Raqqa, Syria.

Earlier, the jihadist group released pictures of the pilot being taken from a lake surrounded by militants, and his photo-ID, which identifies him as 26-year-old Jordanian Lieutenant Muath Safi Al-Kaseasbeh (Maaz Yusuf Al-Kasasbeh).

His father, Yusuf al-Kasasbeh, said the family had been informed of Lt Al-Kasasbeh's capture by the head of the Jordanian air force.

He appealed to Isis' leaders: "May Allah plant mercy in your hearts and may you release my son," reports Jordanian newspaper Saraya.

Isis claims to have downed the plane using a heat-seeking missile.

The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights said in a statement it had been informed by activists that the plane had been shot down.

Iraqi researcher and expert on the Islamic State, Hisham al-Hashemi, told the Washington Post the group obtained several several dozen shoulder-fired missiles from the Tabqa airbase near Raqqa after seizing the compound from the Iraqi military in the summer.

It is the first plane from the US-led coalition to be shot down since it began air strikes against Isis positions in Syria in September.