Parliament appearing in the video
The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben appearing in the video

A new propaganda video from Islamic State (Isis) has lauded the recent terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, before threatening new strikes on London, Berlin and Rome. "If it was Paris yesterday, today Brussels, Allah knows where it will be tomorrow: maybe it will be in London, in Berlin, or in Rome," the narrator says, speaking in English.

The video features footage from the Paris and Brussels attacks and video of the first plane hitting the World Trade Centre tower on 9/11, alongside video of militants taking part in combat drills and cutting off a man's head. There is also a CGI clip of the Eiffel Tower falling to the ground, which some have suggested is taken from the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"The soldiers went out to the ground and streets of Paris and killed kuffars [heathens]," says the narrator, describing the attacks in Paris in November 2015. "The invasion was just a cautionary message to the nations of the cross."

The propaganda video was released on Monday via Isis's media channels. Isis has been losing territory in the last few weeks, with Syrian army troops regaining control of the ancient city of Palymra at the end of March before moving further into Isis-controlled areas.