Isis releases new video of children jihadis camp where 'cubs' are trained
Isis releases new video of children being trained in jihadi camp Video footage screenshot

The Iraqi militant group Islamic State (Isis) has released a new video showing children being trained to become 'Isis cubs' in a camp based in one of its strongholds.

Some of the children shown in the new propaganda video, a PR stunt which appears consistent with earlier IS releases, are thought to be as young as five.

The nine-minute video shows the instructor training the young jihadis. The children, dressed in camouflage fatigues, are shown following the command of the senior militant.

The children are also made to recite verses from the Quran and asked questions on religion.

The video is believed to have been recorded at the terror training camp called the Al Farouq Institute for Cubs, in the IS-held city of Raqqa in Syria. The video cannot be independently verified.

About 80 young children appear in the tape. Some of them look like foreign nationals, and are believed to be the sons of foreign fighters who have travelled to the conflict zone.

Most of the children shown have finished their second level of jihadi training following their four-month-long first round, according to NBC News which cited the instructor in the video.

Images of children being used in the war have been floated by the extremist group on earlier occasions as well.

The latest video surfaced shortly after the Sunni Islamist organisation came out with a video showing 21 caged Kurdish soldiers being paraded in the streets of Kirkuk.