Infamous British Isis recruiter, Sally Jones, is reportedly being stopped from fleeing Raqqa by her 12-year-old son, even though she wants to leave the city ahead of the US-led coalition's advance.

Jones, a former punk rock singer, travelled to Isis-controlled territory with her son, Jo-Jo, three years ago. She was married to Junaid Hussain, who was killed in a US air strike in 2015.

'Mrs Terror', as Jones was dubbed, was thought to be a top recruiter for the group but reports in early July said she wanted to leave and return to Britain.

Now, a friend of Jones told the Sun that the only thing keeping her in the region is her 12-year-old son, reportedly brainwashed by the terrorist organisation who is refusing to leave.

A friend of Jones told the Sun: "Jo-Jo was just an ordinary kid when she took him away from his home in Kent. She ruined all of that by fleeing with him."

The boy, has been renamed Ham-za by Isis and is rumoured to have executed prisoners.

An Isis bride who fled the group told the paper that she had lived with two other British recruits, Salma and Zahra Halane, and that Jones would regularly visit.

She added that the two Manchester brides no longer looked like their pictures and instead "look like mothers".

In early July, another woman who had lived in Raqqa told Sky News that Jones "was crying and wants to get back to Britain but Isis is preventing her because she is now a military wife."