Smuggling women's undergarments
The man's hoard was said to be worth hundreds of thousands of Shekels - Wikimedia Commons

An Israeli man has been arrested for allegedly smuggling dozens of women's undergarments into Palestine.

The 40-year-old was detained by police officials at a Seam Zone checkpoint in Nablus, with a batch of bras said to be worth hundreds of thousands of Israeli shekels.

The goods were allegedly stolen in two robberies from a warehouse in the Israeli town of Hadera, according to Ynet News. The suspect, who denied any wrongdoing, was arrested following a joint operation by Israeli and Palestinian authorities.

Despite the request made by the suspect's lawyer, the Hadera Magistrate Court has ordered the police to keep the suspect in custody for further investigation.

The suspect, who currently resides in Israel-controlled Mount Gerizim, has also named two other men, one Jewish and the other an Arab.

He alleges that the pair asked him to move the goods to Palestine. Police have launched a manhunt for the duo.

The volatile relationship between Israel and Palestine has come under further strain in recent months, following Tel Aviv's decision to establish thousands of housing settlements in the disputed E1 region.