A second Palestinian has been killed by an armed Israeli settler in the West Bank on Sunday morning, according to the International Middle East Media Center. Palestinian taxi driver Shadi Mohammad Mahmoud Khseib was shot and killed after allegedly attempting to kill Israelis.

According to police statements, the dead man attempted to run over an Israeli pedestrian on the main motorway, near the village of 'Anata east of Jerusalem in the West Bank, then got out of his car and tried to stab a civilian.

"A Palestinian man at Kfar Adumim junction in a Palestinian taxi tried to run over civilians. When he failed he exited the car with a knife and attempted to stab," the statement added. "The terrorist was shot by a civilian and died of his wounds."

The wounded victim was taken to the Jerusalem's Mount Scopus hospital for further treatment, according to Israeli media sources.

16-year-old girl killed

Earlier on Sunday morning, Israeli lawyer and politician Gershon Mesika drove his car into 16-year-old Palestinian girl, Ashraqat Taha Qatanany, from Nablus, before a soldier allegedly pulled over and shot the girl multiple times. Mesika claimed that the girl had a knife.

The two incidents mark an escalation of the latest wave of violence since October that has left 88 Palestinians dead, including one Arab Israeli, as well as 15 Israelis, an American and an Eritrean. The wave of violence began over tensions surrounding a sensitive Jerusalem holy site and has since spread across Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza border.

Israel says the current spate of violence is due to a Palestinian campaign of lies and incitement surrounding the sensitive holy site. The Palestinians counter by saying it is a result of frustration from nearly a half-century of occupation and they accuse Israel of using excessive force to suppress the unrest.

Israeli civilians have begun arming themselves in an effort to prevent further attacks, sparking concerns that the country is being gripped by a vigilante culture. Representatives from the international community have tried to calm the hostilities from both sides, but the attacks and retaliations have shown no signs abating.