Israeli Soldiers
Israeli Soldiers Image Credit: YouTube/TheYoungTurks

Four female Israeli soldiers have been disciplined by the country's military after they posted raunchy pictures of themselves on Facebook.

The images, which have the female soldiers provocatively dressed only in their underwear and holding weapons, became an instant hit on the internet soon as they were posted on Facebook.

The raunchy images were also published on Israeli news website Walla. According to the website, the women were new recruits based in southern Israel.

Following their misconduct, the soldiers were disciplined for their "unbecoming behavior," said a statement released by military.

"The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting," the statement further said. However, neither the identity of the soldiers nor the nature of punishment given to them was revealed.

Educational lectures were also conducted by Military officials at the base to keep soldiers from repeating such offence.

This is not the first time Israeli soldiers have been reprimanded from the military for their conduct.

In November 2012, Israel Defence Force Chief, 26-year-old lieutenant Sacha Dratwa came under fire for posting a picture with a mud covered face on Facebook and captioning it "Obama style".

Lt. Sacha Dratwa at that time denied allegations that he was racist.

In 2010, a male Israeli soldier was also condemned after a YouTube video of him dancing suggestively around a blindfolded Palestinian woman emerged.

Also in 2010, a female Israeli soldier was disciplined after she posted a picture of herself with a blindfolded man online.

After a series of embarrassing posts on social networking sites, the Israeli military at that time had banned soldiers from using social media. However, it is unclear whether the ban still is in effect.

Israeli government has it mandatory for most Jewish Israeli men and women to serve military from the age of 18.