Camel wanders through Kuwait power grids
The camel escaped from Circus Royale on Bagot Road and was caught on the ninth green of RAAF Darwin Golf Club - Representational Image (Reuters

A camel that escaped from a circus led police on a three-hour chase through peak-hour traffic on one of the busiest roads in Darwin, Australia.

The camel that escaped from Circus Royale on Bagot Road was caught on the ninth green of RAAF Darwin Golf Club and was returned to the circus.

Police said it was fortunate that no motorists were hurt.

Acting Senior Sergeants Drew Slape said his officers did a good job considering camel wrangling did not form part of their normal activity.

"It appears the fine men and women of the NT Police also have hidden talents in camel wrangling after they quickly tracked it down, secured it and handed it back over to circus personnel," he said.

The police wrote on social media that "it wasn't even hump day".

Superintendent Rob Burgoyne, from Northern Territory Police, said it caused "a bit of traffic mayhem".

One witness, Meng-Hsuan Lee, told ABC News that she was walking by Bagot Road when she saw the camel.

"I just walked and heard one man yell to another don't run or the camel will run more. When they tried to catch it, the camel started to run and cross the road."

Darwin has seen runaway animals on its streets before.

"From time to time we get animals wandering the roads, more often than not crocodiles rather than camels," Burgoyne told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Drivers have previously had to dodge crocodiles, pigs and cattle while making their commute.

In November, a cow was recaptured in Western Australia after it escaped from a ship and was spotted roaming for 7km (four miles).

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