US President-elect Donald Trump's transition team said on Monday (5 December) that Ivanka Trump would be meeting with former vice-president Al Gore later in the day. The two will be meeting in Trump Tower to "discuss climate issues", a Trump spokesperson said.

It has previously been claimed that Ivanka Trump would be a bastion of liberal issues within the generally right-wing group that makes up her father's aides. A source told Politico at the beginning of December that she wants to make climate change one of her signature issues.

Another story linking Ivanka to global warming came from Leonardo DiCaprio. Aides for both sides said that during a private meeting between the two, DiCaprio gave Ivanka a copy of his climate change documentary, Before the Flood.

During a morning briefing with journalists, a Trump spokesperson described Ivanka's role with the incoming administration as "an adviser with the transition team".

Gore is not currently scheduled meet with President-elect Trump, his team said. When asked about the content of Ivanka's meeting a spokesperson said they had not spoken to Ivanka and so would not comment with regards to the meeting.

Trump's family have been taking a central role in his transition team. Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner, was thought to be behind the ousting of New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie as head of the transition team.

In the briefing, the team also repeated their claim that Trump's call with the president of Taiwan was a "courtesy call" and that "she reached out to the president-elect".