Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have gone ahead with their fashion line for the U.S. retailer Kohl.

However, they are promoting the collection separately. After Lopez and Anthony announced their divorce, PR spokespeople were quick to claim that their respective women's and men's collections had always been meant to launch separately, and now, Kohl is cementing these claims with four different promotional videos.

Check out the videos.

In the first commercial, Lopez tries to get past a security guard without her ID badge. She tries to gently remind him that he knows her as a celebrity, even singing a few lines from "Jenny From the Block" but the guard is unmoved, though, later, he is seen humming the song to himself.

In the second, she irritates her co-workers with her continuous fiddling with a clicky pen, causing one of them to silently convey a message to the other. J.Lo looks her stunning best in these ads.

Check out Marc Anthony's ads.

In his campaign for the brand, Marc is filmed attempting to make himself a cup of coffee.

The last clip shows Marc arriving at the office with swathes of material under his arm, to find a ringing telephone in the empty reception area.