Hundreds of school children have rallied against terrorism in Jakarta, the day after an attack in the Indonesian capital killed seven people. Students and their teachers from across the city held signs and chanted in the centre of town on 15 January.

The city was rocked by multiple gun and bomb attacks on 14 January. Islamic State (Isis) has since claimed responsibility.

"We Indonesian students are not afraid. We call for peace and we are not afraid of terror, we people from Jakarta are not scared," said 15-year-old student Rivol Setiawon.

The children could be seen holding banners reading "we want to live in peace", "Jakarta anti-terrorist" and "please make the planet safe and peaceful". Schoolteacher Aty said the demonstration showed that Indonesian people are not afraid after the attacks.

"There are so many students here, we gather here to show to the world that we want peace, we don't want terrorists here, we want our country safe, we want to save our country, our beloved city Jakarta," she said.

"We don't want to have any terrorists here, we want to show we are not afraid of terrorists and we want our country free of terrorists," added the teacher.

Police have started the hunt for the perpetrators, and counter-terrorism officers have rounded up 20 people. Jakarta was last the target of a major co-ordinated attack in July 2009, where the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels were bombed.