It was the ultimate insult which has left a Taiwanese pop star vowing revenge.

Singer Jam Hsiao was targeted by two men who threw a bucket of excrement at him.

Perhaps they were not fans of Hsiao's hits which include the likes of Marry Me and Love Moments. No doubt there are more polite ways to express distaste, but a steaming bucket of human waste sent a clear message.

Speaking after he was targeted outside his home in Taipei, Hsiao said: "They'll regret it."

The incident happened when attackers on a motorbike drew up as Hsiao stepped in to his chauffeur-driven vehicle. They then hurled the excrement through the car window, which mostly hit the driver - sparing Hsiao the worst.

The driver grabbed hold of one of the excrement launchers and was dragged along the road for 20 metres until he was forced to let go.

Hsiao claimed he had reason to suspect who the culprit was. He told reporters: "Let's hope the one who used money to direct this attack gets the biggest punishment."

He revealed phone threats had been made to him and others for around six months. But he denied having any grudges or feuds.

He said: "I have no grudge with anyone or financial problems regarding work. ... I'm sorry for my colleagues and worry that they and my family will be hurt."