Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson released her single Nasty in 1986 REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Donald Trump thought he had the upper hand by branding Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" but Janet Jackson is having the last laugh. The pop icon's 1986 single Nasty has experienced a huge boost in streams on Spotify since Trump made the remark about his democratic rival during their latest debate.

The US presidential election candidates went head-to-head at the University Of Nevada in Las Vegas on 19 October for the third and final debate before election day on 8 November. While Clinton, 68, discussed her plans for the social security program, Trump interrupted her speech by interjecting that she was "such a nasty woman".

It seems Trump's comments reminded viewers of a certain famous Nasty song, with many rushing to music streaming service Spotify to hear Jackson's 1986 track. Sharing the song's popularity, Spotify tweeted: "Who's jamming to that nasty groove? It's you lot, with streams of Nasty up 250% since last night."

Reacting to Trump's comment, one fan tweeted: "Thanks to donald trump, Janet Jackson's "Nasty Girl" is stuck in my head. This is the only time I will thank donald trump for anything," while another said: "The real winner of the debate is Janet Jackson."

Another viewer commented: "One thing I learned tonight: if twitter gets to vote, then Janet Jackson still owns the word 'nasty'," while another joked: "SUCH A NASTY WOMAN * janet jackson busts through the backdrop in full 'rhythm nation' s&m cop gear *."

Trump, 70, is also responsible for the word "nasty" becoming one of Merriam-Webster dictionary's most-searched terms. Many celebrities came out in support of Clinton during the debate, including Girls actress and creator Lena Dunham, who tweeted: "RT if you're a nasty woman and it's made your life a freakin' pleasure."

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump branded Hillary Clinton a "nasty woman" during the final US presidential election debate REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Pitch Perfect actress Elizabeth Banks added: "Madame President if you're #nasty," while The Martian star Jessica Chastain said: "Where's my Nasty Woman t-shirt?! No my first name ain't baby, its Hillary, Madame President if youre nasty.' #imwither." Comedian Chelsea Handler also conducted a poll with her Twitter followers, asking: "Are you a bad hombre or a nasty woman?" Almost 70% said they were a nasty woman.

Nasty, which features on Jackson's chart-topping third studio album Control, reached number three on the US' Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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