Former Chelsea and Tottenham defender Jason Cundy has slammed people praising Arsenal star Mesut Ozil for his wonder goal against Ludogorets in the Champions League to help the Gunners win the tie 3-2 and establish their position in the group stages. The World Cup winner swerved past two defenders to slot the ball into the net to complete a brilliant comeback for the Gunners.

However, Cundy is not too impressed and insists that Ozil has to do much more than perform against a 'bunch of farmers from Bulgaria' to establish his position as a world-class player. He went on to say that Ozil would not come near the Chelsea squad which has won five league games on the bounce.

"When I say this I don't say it lightly but Arsenal's Mesut Ozil is the most overrated player in the Premier League," Cundy told Football Fan.Zone, as quoted by Goal. "Every week I get Arsenal fans bigging him up to me, telling me how good he is and that he's world class, but he's not.

"Last week we were forced to bow to the midfielder because he scored a wonder goal against a bunch of Bulgarian farmers to complete an Arsenal comeback but why were Arsenal losing 2-0 in the first place? Who on earth are Ludogorets that we should be getting so excited?"

Cundy believes that Ozil isn't the best player in the Arsenal team either, let alone being world class. The Chilean Alexis Sanchez is a worthier choice for that tag than the German, who only shows up against the underdogs, he said.

Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil is not world class, says Jason Cundy Getty Images

"If you want to talk about world class, let's look at someone like Luis Suarez for example, he's the standard and Ozil can't be mentioned in the same breath as the former Liverpool man. Aside from not being world class, he isn't even the best player at his club right now. [Alexis] Sanchez is proving more important and I wouldn't have him [Ozil] anywhere near Chelsea," he added.