Independence Day
Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith in Independence Day. 20th Century Fox

Actor Jeff Goldblum has revealed plans for a sequel to hit 90s science fiction blockbuster Independence Day are in full swing and that he'll be returning to fight aliens with Apple products again soon.

Speaking to Time magazine the Jurassic Park and The Fly star was asked about sequels to both director Roland Emmerich's alien invasion movie and Jurassic World, the fourth in the dino franchise.

"Well, people like that Jurassic Park thing, and I think they're making another which I tell them I'll be first in line for, but am not in," he explained.

"And then Independence Day, I had a meeting and have been talking over the last several months or year with Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, the producer, and they've been cooking up and say they have a part for me in what they hope will be a plan to make another one pretty soon."

Goldblum starred opposite Will Smith in the hugely successful 1996 blockbuster, but his co-star won't be taking part in the sequel, as was reported earlier this year.

Time then mentioned the "nebulous" nature of such reports that tell stories that have yet to be confirmed or denied. Goldblum agreed with the interviewer.

"I think you've put your finger on it. 'Nebulous until actually' is what that file is under, but yeah, they're still talking about it and I've heard recent rumblings here and there about it, and 'Oh, there's a scripting coming in' - maybe last weekend there was a script handed in, so it's brewing."

Independence Day 2 has certainly been a long time coming. In 2002 Devlin spoke of his inspiration to write a sequel following the attacks of September 2001. Stories about the various troubles the project has encountered have been a regular occurrence ever since.