Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart
After splitting with ex-husband Marc Anthony in July, Jennifer Lopez was linked to several men including Bradley Cooper. However, it this guy, Casper Smart, whom it seems she has more interest in.Paparazzi snapped Lopez, 42, late last year with Smart, 24, who was seen on a romantic Hawaiian getaway canoodling with Lopez and bonding with her twins.

Jennifer Lopez has officially taken her new relationship with her toy-boy lover Casper Smart public, after the star was snapped cuddling up to her beau during a break in Hawaii over the holiday weekend.

The 42-year-old singer was pictured cosying up with her 24-year-old beau on a beach on the island of Kauai and even laid her head on his bare chest at one point.

The rumour mill went into overdrive when it was reported that Lopez singer had followed in the steps of Demi Moore and Madonna and bagged herself a boyfriend almost half her age.

Previously the star had remained somewhat coy about her new cougar status, despite the couple sending each other flirtatious messages on Twitter and the dancer posting pictures of them together all over his Facebook page.

But this recent public display of affection is clearly sending signals to the world that he is her man and she doesn't care who knows it.

Relaxing on a lounger, the pop star appeared very comfortable with the backup dancer as they celebrated Thanksgiving on the island with her twins from estranged husband Marc Anthony and other family members.

What do you think of J-Lo's new man? New love or simply a rebound?