Jeremy Corbyn's campaign has launched a one-stop shop for rebuttals in a bid to "clarify facts" and challenge the "myths" about him and his bid to retain the Labour leadership. The Corbyn Facts website currently addresses five major criticisms of the veteran parliamentarian, including his EU referendum campaigning and concerns about his electability.

The questions are tailored favourably towards Corbyn. On the EU issue, for example, it asks "Did Jeremy Corbyn fail to campaign during the EU referendum?".

Inevitably, Corbyn Facts replies "No", adding: "Jeremy Corbyn did more Remain campaigning than anyone else in Labour, making the arguing for staying in and reforming Europe."

However, the Labour leader faced a string of resignations from his shadow cabinet for what many alleged was his lacklustre performance during the campaign. Will Straw, chief of the Stronger In campaign, has also criticised Corbyn and claimed his office was difficult to work with.

Corbyn Facts added: "He gave 122 speeches in the course of the campaign and travelled 2,768 miles to make Labour's case for Remain in order to preserve the protection of consumers, workers and the environment – as acknowledged by Angela Eagle at the time."

IBTimes UK has requested a breakdown of the "122 speeches" claimed by the website. Elsewhere, the website addresses criticisms of Corbyn's defence policies, including his life-long opposition to the Trident nuclear system.

"We need modern ways of responding to threats," Corbyn Facts says, without elaborating on what the "modern solutions" are. The section also highlights Labour's ongoing defence policy review.

"Jeremy will never flinch from defending our country. Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, Labour is having a proper strategic review into defence policy that will modernise the party's position, not least ensuring British soldiers never find themselves without the equipment they need."

It fails to mention that the review, led by shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, has been delayed, first by controversy surrounding the appointment of veteran left-winger and Corbyn ally Ken Livingstone, then by the Leave vote at the EU referendum.

On the issue of Corbyn's electability, the website also claims Labour and the Conservatives were neck-and-neck before Labour's parliamentary party rebelled against the leader. In fact, there was one opinion poll immediately after the referendum showing the Conservatives and Labour tied, but all others taken around the same time showed significant Tory leads. An opinion poll average collated by Britain Elects shows a continuous Tory lead since June 2015.