Republicans in New Jersey said they had been victims of theft after their Vote Trump signs were stolen from their front lawns. One man in the Hillsdale area captured the theft on his CCTV camera, which shows a woman running into his front garden and fleeing with the sign.

Bob Vogt, who was one of several people who used private footage to identify the person stealing signs, told CBS Local: "Here she is walking right down there across my neighbour's driveway with my sign under her arm."

However, after the woman responsible for pinching the signs called the local police station to confess and apologise, Vogt said he would not be pressing charges.

Other residents in the Hillsdale neighbourhood also reported their Trump signs had been stolen – with one resident saying he had replaced a stolen sign only for another one to be taken.

New Jersey voters overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump during the Republican primaries, with 80.4% of GOP voters in the state choosing Trump as their candidate, 13.4% voting for John Kasich and 6.2% for Ted Cruz.

The Democrats in the state also voted for Hillary Clinton by 63.2% to Bernie Sanders' 38.8% of the vote, with the state usually being largely Democrat – possibly explaining the theft of the Trump signs.