Jeremy Corbyn has defended his Donald Trump-style claims that the "system is rigged," keeping power "in the wrong hands".

It follows a speech the Labour Party leader gave to the Fabian Society's New Year Conference on Saturday (14 January) where he criticised Prime Minister Theresa May's "shared society" proposal and said "the people who run Britain have been taking our country for a ride".

According to members of his inner circle, Corbyn has reportedly agreed to take adopt the US president-elect's populist and anti-establishment style in an attempt to emulate Trump's success, in the wake of poor performance in the opinion polls.

Speaking on BBC's the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, Corbyn said: "What I mean by [the remarks] is that the very wealthiest in this country outsource and offshore their profits into tax havens around the world, that we have been privatising industry services for a very long time, we have a growing gap between the richest and the poorest and we have a political system that leaves an awful lot of people behind.

"That surely was one of – there were many others – but that was one of the messages in the EU referendum campaign and, in some areas, the reason for low participation in the elections."

He added: "We have a House of Lords which is dominated by a small number of people from London and from the south-east. I would want to see an elected second chamber that is representative of all regions and nations of the United Kingdom. I think that's very, very important and I think it should have an electoral mandate to go with it."

Corbyn said more should be done to tackle the disparity of investment, inequality and money spent on rail infrastructure between the north and the south of England.

Marr also questioned Corbyn on his perception of the media, wondering if Corbyn would adopt the same style as Trump, who has been very critical of the media industry since his election and has become known for stamping his tweets with "FAKE NEWS!"

"I don't think the media are very fair in many ways," said Corbyn, "particularly towards the Labour Party. An analysis done over the first year since the General Election showed that over 80% of the print media was actively hostile to Labour – 80% to the major opposition party.

"I think we need a process where there is a right of reply. We also need to remove the levels of concentration of ownership into certain organisations. Murdoch taking over Sky is a problem, for example."