Jeremy Corbyn will condemn the "warped and degrading" culture that allows men to harass women in Parliament, in a speech on Saturday (28 October).

The Labour leader will address allegations of the widespread abuse of women in Westminster at the trade union Unite's Scottish policy conference.

Corbyn will make the comments in response to reports that female parliamentary staff have used a WhatsApp group to discuss alleged perpetrators of abuse. The group, which includes researchers and aides, is said to have accused politicians of being "handsy".

"Sexual abuse and abusive treatment of women by men is not confined to any one industry, workplace or institution," Corbyn is expected to say.

"It is rooted in unequal power relationships that treat women as subordinate to men, and a culture where the abuse of women has often been accepted and normalised.

"The problem doesn't stop with those who make unwanted advances on women, it extends to a culture that has tolerated abuse for far too long. It's a warped and degrading culture that also exists and thrives in the corridors of power, including in Westminster."

The Labour leader will add: "It's a culture that we all have a responsibility to challenge and end. Too often when women have spoken out, they haven't been listened to. This needs to be a turning point."

Both Labour and Conservative party members have been implicated as alleged abusers in the WhatsApp group.

The Guardian reported allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour by a Conservative former minister.

One Labour MP allegedly sent inappropriate texts "when drunk" to a researcher in her 20s, according to the Times.

"As leader of the Labour Party, I want to make it absolutely clear that our party will not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment," Corbyn will say.

"Any harassment, discriminatory language or behaviour has no place in the Labour Party, or in any other party, or the workplace or across society."

Corbyn will encourage anyone who has experienced harassment or assault to come forward and speak to police if appropriate.