Jeremy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman is to step down as presenter of BBC Two's Newsnight Getty

A lot of politicians will sleep a bit easier from tomorrow night secure in the knowledge that they won't have to defend their policies in front of Newsnight's irascible anchor Jeremy Paxman live on air.

The programme's host -- who sitcom spin doctor Malcolm Tucker described as "that big rubbery horse-face of mock incredulity" -- is finally bowing out of presenting the BBC Two news analysis programme after 25 years at the helm and will present his final edition on Wednesday evening.

And, as a goodbye gift, the Newsnight team put Paxman with one of his regular on-air adversaries the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, on a bicycle made for two.

The pair have previously locked horns in several comic and memorable interviews, and both are keen cyclists. In a clip of Paxman's final Newsnight aired on Tuesday evening, the duo were filmed riding around London's streets together.

Paxman, true to form, was unimpressed: "It is not delightful to cycle in London -- it is a bloody nightmare."

IBTimes UK rounds up Paxo's most best moments, from bizarre interviews with rappers to the skewering of politicians and producers.

1. Michael Howard

The former Conservative leader Michael Howard probably still shudders to this day over his 1997 interview with Paxo, which saw the arch interviewer go on the offensive -- without backing down.

Paxman famously asked Howard the same question 12 times, in what is remembered as one of the toughest political interviews ever conducted. It is largely believed to have contributed to the downfall of Howard's political career.

2. Dizzee Rascal

After Barack Obama's presidential victory in 2008, Paxman took part in a strange -- to say the least -- interview with rapper Dizzee Rascal.

When Paxman asked if he believed in political parties in Britain, Dizzee replied: "Yeah, they exist, I believe in them. But I don't know if I care," adding: "If you believe, you can achieve, innit." Cue awkward silences.

3. Russell Brand

Paxman took on the loudmouth comedian Russell Brand in 2013, to discuss the prospect of a revolution, the political class, voting and beards -- sparking amusement and fury.

4. Chloe Smith

Excruciating to watch, Paxman tore into the junior Treasury minister Chloe Smith after she was sent to Newsnight to defend the chancellor's decision to delay a planned 3p rise in fuel duty.

Paxman: "You can't even tell me when you were told what the change of policy was. You were told some time today clearly, was it before of after lunch?" Ouch.

5. The weather

Paxman's thinly-veiled contempt for the weather update at the end of each episode. Rain? "It's April, what do you expect?" was Paxman's answer. The idea was scrapped shortly afterwards.

6. Tony Blair

Topics include homelessness and pornography.

Paxman: "When you go back to those old-fashioned values, how are they consonant with your party taking money from a pornographer?"

Blair: "These are the people that own the Express newspaper?"

Paxman: "Yes. They also own Horny Housewives, Megaboobs, Posh Wives, Skinny and Wriggly..."

7. Nick Griffin

One of the greatest on-air assassinations, Paxman interviewed the British National Party leader. They discussed the party's plans for a penal colony near Antarctica and, of course, "Britishness".

8. Conrad Black

The 2012 interview mainly consisted of Conrad Black bristling at being called a "crook" by Paxman.

9. Simon Hughes

In another classic stitch-up, Paxman used a laminated pledge card to skewer the former Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes on increasing tuiton fees.

10. William Hague

Last but not least, here is Hague stumbling over Paxman's questions about Lord Ashcroft's tax.