Injured IDF soldier at the scene
Injured IDF soldier at the scene @IsraelHatzolah

A man on a motorcycle has reportedly opened fire on an Israeli near Jerusalem's Hebrew University campus in Mount Scopus, according to local reports.

The drive-by shooting took place at a bus stop in the tunnel leading to Mount Scopus. The victim, allegedly an IDF soldier, sustained moderate injuries. Police reported an ongoing pursuit of the attacker.

The attack came after a suspected terrorist drove a digger into a bus in the Shmuel Hanavi neighbourhood in Jerusalem, causing it to overturn. The driver was shot dead by police and a 25-year-old was killed in the rampage.

The Hebrew University stressed the fact that the shooting did not occur inside the campus.

"The shooting had nothing to do with the university. The campus is safe and secure. All is normal and operations are continuing as usual," it told IBTimes UK.