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JFS, formerly known as Jew's Free School (JFS) in Kenton, north London, has angered students for teaching how to "cure" homosexuality.

As part of the curriculum, the students of sixth form are shown the website of Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH), a US-based non-profit organisation which works among Jews to prevent same-sex attractions, according a Jewish Chronicle report

Students are also given textual study on homosexuality and the Orthodox view. Orthodox Judaism does not approve of homosexuality.

Students, as quoted by Jewish Chronicle, argue that there is very little scope for any debate on the subject as the JONAH website is authoritatively imposed, which almost subscribes to the Orthodox view.

However the headteacher of JFS Jonathan Miller, who spoke to, has denied that the ideas on the website are being promoted.

Miller told the website that nothing in the curriculum is taught as right or wrong; the course material was designed in such a way to encourage debate and discussion.

Miller also suggested that a review of the course would be undertaken following reports of anger among students. Accordingly, study material will be changed with inputs from students.

JFS is affiliated to the United Synagogue, an Orthodox organisation; the school has produced some eminent personalities, including actress Gina Bellman and musician Joe Loss.