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IBTimes UK columnist John McAfee will be answering reader's questions on Twitter at 4pm BST IBTimes UK

Tech pioneer, eccentric millionaire and 2016 US Presidential candidate John McAfee is to taking over our IBTimes UK Twitter channel to answer your questions. Tune in and join the conversation by submitting your questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskMcAfee, or via email.

About John McAfee

McAfee gained fame after developing the first commercial antivirus program, however he has had no involvement with the company that bears his name for the past 15 years. He has since commenced a new venture – Future Tense Central – focussing on security and personal privacy-related products.

McAfee has made no secret of his controversial private life, which has included assassination attempts, mind-altering drugs and unfounded allegations that he murdered his neighbour while living in Belize. The Belize government has since stopped actively seeking McAfee's arrest but it has auctioned off his assets, and his home burned down under suspicious circumstances.

Since May 2015, McAfee has provided expert commentary and insight on cybersecurity and politics as a regular columnist for IBTimes UK. In September 2015, he was nominated for Technology and Digital Commentator of the Year at the annual Comment Awards for his work. In the same month McAfee announced his candidacy for the US Presidential elections next year, running as an independent candidate.