Iran vs Saudi Arabia
Iran vs Saudi Arabia IBTimes UK

Jordan has become the latest country in the Middle East to recall its ambassador from Iran, citing the Islamic Republic's "interference in Arab affairs" as the reason for the exit.

Jordan follows Saudi Arabia, which cut diplomatic ties with Iran in January after its embassy in Tehran was attacked following the execution of popular shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr, an incident that underscored the fractious relationship between the two nations.

Iran had warned Saudi Arabia that the country would face a backlash if it executed the cleric, who was killed along with 46 others for terror offences, and following confirmation of al-Nimr's death, protesters stormed the Saudi embassy and set fire to the building.

Bahrain, Djibouti, Kuwait, Qatar and Sudan have all withdrawn ambassadors from Iran, while the United Arab Emirates has "downgraded" its relationship with the country, some of whom doing so to show solidarity with Saudi Arabia in the ongoing tensions between the kingdom and the Islamic Republic.

It is not yet clear whether Jordan intends to make its ambassadorial recall, effective from 18 April, permanent and sever ties with Iran, or whether the ambassador will return to the country.