Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho implied on 28 September that there is a witch-hunt by the footballing authorities against Diego Costa. The Blues and Spain striker was banned retrospectively for three domestic matches by the English FA after being found guilty of violent conduct in the 2-0 win over Arsenal earlier in September.

Costa was unavailable for the 2-2 draw at Newcastle United on 26 September, but will be back for Chelsea's Champions League meeting with Mourinho's former club Porto on 29 September. Mourinho was asked by a reporter where his team would be if they had 11 Costas.

"I think we would lose every game because the desire to suspend him is so big that you wouldn't have enough players to start the game. I am happy to only have one and let him play until they decide to suspend him again," he said.

Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas did not have a good relationship with Mourinho during their time together at Real Madrid and when a reporter tried to to raise the subject, Mourinho stopped him. "I will give you the answer now. If tomorrow I see Casillas before or after the game, I will obviously greet him. And we will leave the question you wanted to make as it is not worth discussing."

Chelsea won their opening Champions League game of the season, 4-0 at home to Maccabi Tel Aviv, but their form has been poor in the Premier League where the title holders are sixth from bottom. "To be untouchable in football, only consistency can give you that status," Mourinho said, adding that he had fantastic players in his squad but at the moment none were untouchable.

Mourinho's side will play the team the Portuguese coach took to Champion's League victory in 2004. He said visiting the club's museum had been an emotional experience, but he had to harden his heart in time for the match. "For me it's the kind of visit that makes my opponent heart a bit softer, and now I have to go back to the hotel and make it hard again because tomorrow I have a big game," Mourinho said.