Julien Blanc
Pick-up artist Julien Blanc has been banned from entering Singapore. YouTube/Julien Blanc

Controversial pick-up artist Julien Blanc has been denied entry to Singapore, after his wooing techniques were denounced as akin to sexual assault, government official said.

The South East Asian city-state became the third country to ban the 26-year-old Swiss-American, after it emerged he encouraged attendees at his seminars to seduce women using physical violence.

Singapore's Minister for Social and Family Development, Chan Chun Sing, wrote on Facebook: "Some of you have shared with me your concerns about Julien Blanc and his seminars in various countries to advise men on how to use violence against women when dating them. I share your concerns fully.

"ICA [Singapore's immigration authority] will not allow Mr Blanc into Singapore, especially if he is here to hold seminars or events that propagate violence against women," he added.

"Violence against innocent people is unlawful and totally unacceptable. We cannot allow people to perpetuate such unlawful activities in our country."

The move came after more than 8,000 people signed a petition against Blanc on change.org.

"To allow this man or the group that he works for into Singapore legitimises sexual assault and predation, and sends a message that women are playthings or objects without agency," the petition read.

Blanc, a dating coach for a company called Real Social Dynamics, was due to land in the business city later this year, as part of his world tour.

The tour had been already cut short earlier this month, as the pick-up artist was kicked out of Australia and denied a visa by Britain over his seduction techniques that include choking women and forcing their heads towards his crotch.

In videos he posted on YouTube under the tag "#ChokingGirlsAroundTheWorld" he is seen as he goes up to women and clasps their throats while putting his fingers on his lips and saying "shh".

Officials in another two countries that were to be graced by Blanc's world tour - Japan and South Korea - have also said it is unlikely he will be allowed in, AFP reported.