To be able to uncover significant plot clues from Jurassic World's 15 second trailer for a trailer, you would have to be some sort of Jurassic Park super-fan...

Good thing I am then.

Yesterday Universal released the first footage of next year's fourth Jurassic Park film and in just a few seconds and a grand total of five shots it managed to show more than many would have expected.

If you have yet to see the trailer teaser you can view it below.

The Basics

Jurassic World is set 22 years after the original film and sees John Hammond's (Richard Attenborough – RIP) dream fully realised, with a fully operational dinosaur theme park now open on the original film's island, Isla Nublar.

When the film begins the park has been open and active for ten years, but attendance figures and general interest are in decline, leading those in charge to conjure up a new, exciting attraction in the form of a new dinosaur genetically engineered from scratch by their scientists.

As you can probably guess, it does not go well.

The Plot Clues

The trailer teaser opens with the familiar yet unfamiliar gates of Jurassic World – based on those of Jurassic Park – which open up to let through a monorail train which overlooks the new park. We then see a herd of Gallimimus stampeding (another reference to the original) as a safari truck drives alongside.

Next is a shot of Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins as Zach and Gray – believed to be brothers – two visitors to the attraction who get caught up in the chaos. They appear to be in an orb contraption of some kind as two diplodocus (not a brachiosaurs, note the neck isn't upright) stroll past.

Then comes the killer shot, this one, with Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire turning in front of a bank of computers and a large screen showing a map. The computer technician to the left of her appears to be Jake Johnson – the other might by Judy Greer or Katie McGrath, it's hard to tell.

Jurassic World
The critical shot, depicting the map. Universal Pictures
Jurassic Park map
The original Jurassic Park map. Universal Pictures

We can garner two pieces of info from the shot. First, on the right we see what appears to be a large storm on the island, which could be the cause of the dinosaur carnage sure to follow.

It seems to be a pretty big storm, but you'd think they'd be prepared for them after ten years as an active park.

The biggest clue is at the top of the map itself, which marks the northern part of the island as a "Restricted Zone". Over on the right you'll see the map for the original Jurassic Park, with most of the action and locations being in that northern part of the map.

Then take a look at the Comic Con poster below, which depicts a velociraptor atop not just a Jurassic Park car, but the car famously attacked by the T-Rex.

You can tell because the car is upturned and the foremost tyre (the car's rear left) is missing, because that's the one the T-Rex chewed it off.

Then there's the tweet from Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow showing the famous road sign knocked over by Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) in the original film, shortly before he met his demise at the teeth and claws of a dilophosaurus. At the time it was thought this would be an easter egg, but it may well have been alluding to something more.

Jurassic World
The Jurassic World Comic Con poster and director Trevorrow\'s tease. Universal Pictures

Wait, What?

The conclusion (other than I'm a big fat Jurassic Park nerd) is that next year's film will return to locations from the first film, where we'll be seeing a lot more than just that East Dock sign.

Why the return to that area though? That genetically engineered dinosaur I mentioned will be the film's "villain" as it were, so if that runs amok in the populated park area it would make sense to hatch a plan to lead it away and into a more food-free area. That area could be the restricted zone.

And who could execute that plan, enter Chris Pratt - the man we see in the teaser's final shot. It's believed his character Owen will be a scientist studying the behaviour of the island's velociraptors.

Are you as excited as I am? Impossible, but I bet you're still pretty hyped.

Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt, Dallas Howard, Robinson, Simpkins, Omar Sy and Vincent D'Onofrio. It is set for release on 12 June 2015.