Jurgen Klopp
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp feels under more pressure in England than in Germany Getty

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has admitted there are no easy solutions to the club's current problems. The German said the money available to their Premier League rivals makes it tough for Liverpool to compete for trophies.

He joked, too, that even though his salary has increased since moving to England, the intense nature of the Premier League means that his hourly rate has stayed the same. "There were great managers and great players working at Liverpool that have influenced the club's history – and after four months I really get the impression that everybody in this club is hungry for success," the Liverpool manager explained, according to The Mirror.

"We are trying to bring that success back to the club. But both the Manchester clubs and a few London clubs invest a lot. So if you make a few good decisions that doesn't necessarily mean that you make steps ahead on the Premier League table because these clubs are making the right decisions, too."

The Liverpool boss said English football is more competitive than in Germany, because there are numerous teams in the Premier League who have enviable financial resources.

"Everyone in Germany knows about the TV money in the Premier League and thinks it would be fun in the Bundesliga with this money, but here you have rivals with the same money so it's not easy," said Klopp, who joined Liverpool in October 2015. "It is intense, there is a real intensity here in English football. It pays more, but if I convert my hourly wage I earn probably the same as in Dortmund!"

Despite this, Klopp insisted he is enjoying his time at Anfield, even though there is a burden of expectation on Liverpool's manager because of the club's trophy-laden past. "I feel very comfortable over here. It's a special club, a special place. Anfield is a great stadium and you feel the history in every moment," he explained.

"It's an honour and it's great fun and a great adventure to be here. And despite everybody longing for a very quick success they all are ready to be patient and to invest a certain amount of time that is necessary to gain that success. Problem is, the last big trophies have been won a few years ago. It's a problem that many great clubs have in the present. You have to deal with that because obviously there are reasons for that."